Hawaii based entrepreneur Joseph K. Figaroa was inspired with a vision in 2010 to become a leader within the applied arts industry of Hawaii and established a signature event known as Hawaii International Fashion Week. This event supports the development of artistic professionals throughout the islands of Hawaii and celebrates the contemporary accomplishments of the industry . 

     Hawaii International Fashion Week produces premier events throughout the islands of Hawaii and continues to include all members of the applied arts industry. 

     Patrons Attending an event will have an opportunity to explore artistic resources available to indulge in their creative senses. Resources include access to contemporary artist, Seasonal collections produced by featured artist, and creative professionals showcasing the latest industry Trends and Technologies.        

      Industry professionals participating have an opportunity to market new products or services, Network with potential clients, Collaborate with industry leaders, Learn about the latest Design Trends and Technologies and Support the community by attending exclusive industry events hosted by Hawaii International Fashion Week

 Hawaii International Fashion Week supports individuals seeking to pursue a career within the applied arts industry through scholarship awards for education and through community exhibitions. These exhibitions provide an opportunity for artist of various accomplishments to attend educational workshops providing knowledge of various fields of study, Showcase their collections, Network with potential clients and collaborate with industry professionals. 

    Financial support for our organization is accomplished through our partnerships with Individual Contributors, Corporate Contributors, Community 501(c)3 organizations as well as Educational Institutions and Government  Agencies.

            We look forward to your Support